You don't plan for things to go wrong in your business. But you should plan for the risk that something outside of your control might go wrong. Fortunately, it's easy with business insurance from Life Assist.


Our experts can work with you to identify the risks you’re exposed to in your particular business and design an insurance programme to meet your needs cost effectively. Chances are we have already worked with other clients in your industry or with similar business profiles. In addition, our market scale and relationships means we can negotiate excellent terms for you.


We also understand that you are often too busy to focus on your business insurance and, for some, it’s a maze of policies and jargon. Our aim is to take the hassle out of insurance. We can help business owners identify risks and hazards so that the business is adequately covered and can grow with confidence


Public Liability policies provide your business with protection against claims relating to personal injury or property damage during your normal business activities.


Many policies are unlikely to respond to the new exposures for building firms and trades people. Vero Liability is offering cover for the new liabilities under its Statutory Liability and Public Liability policies.


The building industry perceives that the LBP regime will lead to an increase in claims against builders for third party financial loss arising from errors and omissions in the performance of restricted building work.


Professional indemnity insurance covers you if you provide advice or designs that may leads to claims against you if things go wrong.


Similar to your ability to earn an income if you don’t have tools of trade you can’t do the job. We offer a comprehensive tools of trade cover for trades professionals, inclusive of full on-site cover and off-site in a locked vehicle. The policy we offer replaces old for new. We can cover tools from $5,000 up to $50,000 with various excess options.


Is your van, ute or workhorse insured correctly? If you use your vehicle for work more than 20% of the time it needs to be insured under a commercial policy otherwise you may get a nasty surprise in the event of a claim.

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