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We can never determine what the future holds for us, however you can be certain about one thing... When you have the right Risk Insurance in place you "KNOW" that your family, business partners and loved ones won't have to carry the financial burden if the worst was to happen.


—  Imre


“What Clinton and Natalie are offering is probably the most efficient customer service I've ever received. Prompt response and effective arrangement are the right words to describe their service. Considering that they had less than a week to sort out the pre-approval for my surgery, they just did everything in such a professional way. They don't only help you find the right insurance package but they treat you as a valuable customer and help you with no delay. There is nothing better than a positive feedback from a happy customer so I would highly recommend them to all! Thank you very much!” 

I have worked with Clinton in the insurance industry for 8 years. As business owners we have identified that our skill sets are very different thus as a team we complement each other well. 

One of my strengths is working with people and I pride myself on being reliable and offering an exceptional level of service that would be hard to beat. Our clients aren’t just a number – they’re more than that to us, we are professionals partnering to offer a solution. Being a ‘family’ run business we operate a fun, friendly and dedicated environment.

On a personal level I have a real zest for life – I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and am involved in a number of sports. I love family time with Clinton and the kids whether we’re travelling the world or spending a day at the beach.

I have been a risk adviser for the past 15 years, during this time I have seen a lot of changes and certainly had some ups and downs myself. However; whatever has been thrown at us, one thing is always consistent, the level of service we pride ourselves in offering to 

our customers.

I am proud to continuously be recognised and awarded for being in the top 15 insurance advisers in New Zealand. In a drab industry I feel my previous profession of marketing and advertising puts a fresh look to an age-old industry.

In my personal time I love to get out with my mates on the golf course, inclusive of an annual weeklong tour. Also, fortunately for my family I love cooking. My wife and I love to travel and lounge by the beach…with a glass of wine of course.


If you have any queries or would just like to have a confidential chat with us, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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